After conducting well over a 1,000 employee education meetings, I can say, with some authority, that "Many Listen, But Few Hear." The entire language of financial services is a foreign to the average participant as Mandarin Chinese. The glaze, bewildered attendee looks are not a product of low intelligence, but of ridiculous expectations placed on them by the plan sponsors and vendors. You cannot expect someone to attend a 30-minute annual seminar (if they attend at all!) to absorb and apply enough investment acumen to make a substantial difference in their retirement savings. At best, they will "throw in the towel," pick out poorly performing Target Date Fund, or do absolutely nothing at all! Is there any wonder that they will not increase their deferral rate, re-balance their portfolio, or accept the offer to sit down with the plan's financial advisor.

I would certainly call the last 40 years of "Retirement Plan Self-Direction" an unmitigated disaster! The participants' innate ability to "buy high, sell low" makes for a truly unimpressive track record. We need to unburden the employee from the investment management world (Outsource to Professional Money Managers) and have them concentrate on more important life decisions. Education presentations should be geared towards teaching financial basics: stocks, bonds, cash, life/disability/home/auto/long-term care insurance, mortgages, auto loans/leases, college funding, wills/estates, budgets, income taxes, and long-term financial planning. Let the "students" come away from a session with usable knowledge. They do not need to understand the difference between "value and growth" or the nuances of the international bond market. The statements of The Fed are not relevant to the single mother of three young children who is averaging a 2% annual raise. Warren Buffet's latest acquisition does not amount to a "hill of beans" for a 50 year old dealing with the prospect of paying for two college educations. A 62 year old with a total of $75,000 in her 401(k) account cannot relate to the "head and shoulders" chart of the S&P 500!

The Prizant Group, Ltd. provides plan sponsors with educational choices. We will meet with "each and everyone" of your eligible employees at their place of work or home. If a personal meeting is not possible, a Skype/phone call will be arranged. Each participant, regardless of their account balance, will be accorded the time and attention to detail that one would expect only for a High Net Worth client. Our email/ phone numbers/ Twitter/ Linkedininformation is readily available. There is no question to insignificant to address or too many participant conversations.  We implore our plan participants to not be strangers!


We offer a myriad of onsite/webinar focused presentations to business owners,CFOs, investment committees,

HR professionals, and accountants. We are happy to provide informative and lively interviews/panel discussions

using any media source.